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Stuck in yourself.

So damn important!

You’ve lost your way.

Lost in desire, cravings, temptation.

Welcoming praise and fighting with blame.

What about meaning?
What about truth?
What about honesty?
What about love?

Caught up in your body’s wants…

Your Spirit calls to You.

Remember your divinity.
Remember the Source of Love.
Remember to care for those around you.
Remember to care for life.

Remember when you start to forget.


Be good to yourself.

Be good to others.

There is no higher way.

Remember the truth,

That we are all one,

And serve your Self today!


Seeking God First

I’ve been seeking something else…
Illusions of the self.

I’ve only been confused,
Reacting on the surface.

Unaware of what lies beneath,
The wealth that lies within.

I’ve been clutching at the world,
To quiet my wandering mind,
And satisfy my desire.

Today I burn it in the fire.

Seeking God first,
I am capable of walking the high wire.

Awareness within,
The Eternal Spirit,
The Essence of Creator.

Seeking that,
I make a pact,
And quiet is my mind.

Seeking God first,
No more is the mind.

My movements,
God’s movements.
My will,
God’s Will.
My intent,
God’s Intent.
Our laughter,

Choose to smile!
See the whole world anew!

 “When you’re smilin’
The whole world smiles with you.”

Grab hold of joy here and now,
And All that Is will join with you.

Let laughter pop the distracting bubbles…
Fear, doubt and limitation.

Force your smile upon the darkness,
And no more will it be.

Smile gently,
Take a step back and you will see…

The ones who see you are ready to see,
While most would rather stay blind.

Only a matter of time,
They will open their eyes.

No more lack will they see,
One with you and me.

And what about inanimate objects?
Trees and plants and more?!

Do they see your smiling face?
I think indeed they do!

Often they are the impetus,
The trees and birds and sky,
For the smiles that get you high.

Perhaps this is our Genuine Nature,
To smile and befriend All Life!

Into humility
God has brought me.

 And still there is further to go.

Seems like 10 lifetimes worth of growth,
Within 5 years of time.

I see Heaven when I look towards the sky.
I see harmony when I witness birds fly.

It is so beautifully simple.
It is simply beautiful.

What if this were my last poem…
What if this were my last moment…

I would be content,
With gratitude on my lips,
Uttering only this:

Thank you.


Fooled by the woo woo,
Superficial spirituality.

Trapped on the surface.
Lost in the maze.
Walking around in a blissful daze.
Blinded by the latest neo-craze.

Mindfulness scattered into the stars,
And ritualistic madness.

Blown like a leaf in the wind.

Slave to whoever chooses.

Draw back the spirit,
Organize the mind,
Touch the Earth;

Hold close to the Eternal Spirit,
The center of the Self.

From there all problems fall away.

From there be grateful every day!

The stars have brought us together.
The stars will keep us together.

Our love will ignite a flame,
Of freedom, peace and compassion.

Our gentleness will embrace the innermost depths.
We are one, breathing the same breath.

Let us burn from within,
And be free from past and future.

Let us have freedom…
Let us have God.

You and I communicate.
No words are needed.

Your heart knows my heart;
That is all that’s needed.

May we do as we are guided.
I am so excited!

So long I have prayed for this,
A beautiful conscious relationship.

Thank you God for answering my prayers,
And for this one who is beside me.

We are both Your children.
It is You who is beside me.

The pressing shadows disperse.
The floodgates of Heaven burst open.

There I sail,
Relying on gusts of vision
To propel my ship into eternity.

As I reach the distant shore,
The islands of my ancestors,

I am welcomed home.

Dreams and visions,
Revealing the truth.

A puzzle is coming together.

I long to stay on this isle,
of times long ago.

Perhaps I’ll stay for many moons.
Perhaps I’ll never go.

Never have I felt this at-home.

Let us dance like we used to.
Let us worship the trees.

Plant me in the Earth,
And I will rise from the soil.

My ancestral roots have been found.

I will take you with me,
With every body of my soul.

I sail on gusts of vision,
To make sure your story is told.

Where is my joy?
That is what I seek.

Where is my inherant purity?
Right within my midst.

Following many avenues,
I lost my way and split.

Awareness that I’m lost,
I take some time to sit.

Which path am I taking?
Any road at all?

Why don’t I just be myself,
And do whatever I do.

Why don’t I just be myself,
And be forever true.

Moving on from times of sleep,
To times of being awake.

Stretching vision to the calling spirit,
The future here and now.

Expanding energy.
Closing eyes.

Unlimited vision.
Open eye.

Waves, tremors and earthquakes.
Ecstatically being awake.

Thunder and lightning,
The spirit brightening,
Nothing can shake this silence.

As vulnerable as can be;
As powerful as can be.

A plain demeanor;
A colorful masterpiece within.

The One appearing as many.

The children are the joy of life!
Their innocense and simple peace.

In a way, they are like birds,
Following the movements of freedom.

I am grateful to join in the fun,
Even for a moment.

They will teach me to be a good student,
Thus I am a teacher.

I’ll prepare all I can,
With harmony as our leader.

Follow me into nature,
Let’s follow our hearts with song.

With harmony as our leader,
We can do no wrong.