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Will This Ever End?

Powerful insigts,
Messages of wisdom.

Words without sound,
Feelings without touch.

Breath without thought…

Light is here,

Open your eyes by closing them…

Close your senses,
Open your heart.

Dance free in purity…

I sense without sensing,
I do without doing,
I dance without dancing…

Tap tap tap,
And a wellspring of life overflows.

Quieting down and listening,
Sitting down and breathing…

Will this ever end?



In the sunlight,
I wash away tears.
In the sunlight,
Dissolving fears.

The sunlight forever
Raises my cheeks.
Kissed by the sun,
I smile for weeks!

Pure inspiration,
Clear concentration…

Light and love,
In peace.

Back to a Sea of Peace

The two of light and dark;
The One of love and peace.

The human sphere;
The spiritual,
All that really Is.

All is beautiful,
I can surrender…

All is sacred,
I can remember…

You’ve come to me,
My Essence,
My love.

Now what need have I?
Filled from above.

One foot in front of the other,
One breath after another…

One action,
One smile,
That is enough…
Then back to a sea of peace.

One thought,
One sparkle,
That is enough…
Then back to a sea of peace.

Again and again;
Over and over…

Back to a sea of peace.

With You

In this present moment,
All is beautiful.

In this present moment,
I am here with you.

You’re different than me,
I love that.

Your personality is clear.

I’ve much to learn here with you.
I’ve much to say and do.

But most of all,
I’ve only,
To be here now with you.

At Home in Unity

The way to aloneness,
Where I often long to go,
Is marked with gifts
Along the way.

An aloneness that speaks
Of friendliness,
Birds and waters and trees.

Humming bird perches,
All I feel is love.
We are all children,
All made of love.

Sound of water,
Song of stone,
Endless unity.

Dissolving separation,
At home in unity.

Fear, judgement,
Out the window,
Opening to One.

One foot here,
One foot there,
Dissolving separation.
At home in unity.

Friends of Light,
Appear here,
Appear there,
They are everywhere!

Dissolving separation.
At home in unity.