Deepening dreams,
Deepening meditation.

A stone sinks to the depth
Of the ocean.

Each moment passes,
My heart is open.

If I am here,
I’m going for it!

If I am to dream,
I really DREAM!

Chi flowing through veins
Like a stream.

Power and serenity,
Even and mellow.

Lighthearted joy,
Fragrant, yellow.

If I am to live,
I really LIVE!

Bringing forth
All I have to give.

What mysteries
May come?

The night
And the sun.

Following an inner world,
Of purity and joy.

Where all my teachers join with me,
And love this little boy.

What limits can I place,
On the mystery that’s me?

What labels can you give,
To an eternal mystery?

Erasing all my labels.

Forgetting all the fables.

I dance into my path.