Forever True
Forever You

 I am on my journey,
On my path.

In my dreams I fly.
In my words I speak of truth.
In my mind serene.

Only friendships,
No more enemies;
They have all dissolved.

Endless beauty.

An artists holiday.

Children laughing,
Echoes crashing,
On nerves of humerous tickles.

Come far and wide,
To discover,
Still more to uncover.

Facing fears,
What fear?!!

Stomping loudly,
With a mean face.

Laughing wildly,
With my heart’s grace.

Firmly committed,
Warmth admitted,
Here is kindness and love.

Dance with me,
Play with me,
Free me,
And stay with me.

Endlessly follow your bliss.

Listen in the quiet moments.

Endlessly follow your bliss.

Step into nature,
Again, again…

Endlessly follow your bliss.